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Bringing Leadership Back!

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About Positioned For Purpose

Positioned for Purpose, is a youth organization that focuses on adolescents between the ages of 6-15. We provide resources that will motivate, encourage and assist in achieving goals. It is designed to challenge them beyond their limits of expectation to become the best version of themselves.

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 Founder and CEO of Positioned For Purpose. 

Keninna Graham was raised in a single parent home in Orlando, FL. Watching the struggles and perseverance of her mom empowered her in striving to become the best version of who she knew she could be. The life lessons that she had to endure are relatable to the culture of our youth today. Keninna has background experiences in working with adolescents and adults who were confined to correctional facilities. She is currently a behavioral tech, and an advocate for the youth in Orlando Fl. Her purpose for establishing this organization is to allow the youth to be their authentic selves, while mastering the art of consciously and continually evolving into a better self through life's challenges, adversities and successes. Keninna Graham, and Positioned for Purpose desires to be a part of the youth support system in surrounding communities by helping to guide them in the direction of greatness. 



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